Tuesday, 4 May 2010

vital information for all

I have listed below the details of some companies and businesses that can supply instruments, sets and consumables for neurosurgical procedures. I think such vital information helps us to give the patients the best care, if we can source materials easily. One important thing that could come out of this is that we may be able to bulk buy and so buy at cheaper prices.

Better for us---our profit margins and better for the patients---cheaper, more affordable.

From Codman and Johnson & Johnson
Bactiseal Universal Shunt (New product) and ICP monitoring devices. Also many other products including spine instruments and aneurysm clips/applicators.
Contact Luther Obuotor, lobuotor@yahoo.co.uk
+2348056292425, +2348023316724

Also Ethicon products have a Territory Manager based in Abuja.
Contact Fabian Umeh, bobuc1800@yahoo.com

From Emzor Hesco and B Braun/Aesculap
Instruments and consumables including shunts, pituitary equipment and histoacryl glue. Chinyere Okorie, chinaoko@yahoo.com. 08037412215. They sell the GAV shunt system (gravity assisted valve). Small and low profile so very good for babies with thin scalp.

From Implants International
Acrylic cement for cranioplasty. Spinal cages and pedicle screws and anterior cervical cages and plating systems.
Mohan Emmanuel, 00441642769080

From Dimsal Investments
Variety of instruments, machines such as bipolars, ultrasound, ECG and endoscopes.
Dr Salawu, 08034184110, email: dimsal_dimsal@yahoo.com

From the WFNS as you should know
For the basic neuroinstrument set, bipolar instrumentation and a microscope.
Contact Mrs Janette A. Joseph, Director
World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, Central Office
5 rue du Marché, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland
Tel: +41-22-3624303 Fax: +41-22-3624352
Email: janjoseph@wfns.ch

Being product specific, see below

1. Sterile surgical drapes and gowns (Crown and Reed, Abuja: 0808514462)

2. IOBAN drape sheets to prevent surgical site infection (3M, USA. See www. 3M.com)
Contact Adebisi FamakinwaSales Consultant,3M Healthcare.Tel: +234 8023123913, 7028370904e-mail: afamakinwa@mmm.com

3. Surgicel hemostat (Codman, UK)

4. Bone wax (Emzor Hesco, Abuja, representing B Braun: 08037412215)

5. Brain cannula (Single Use Surgical, UK) Check http://www.susl.co.uk/ for suction cannulas as well as disposable Kerrison rongeurs. I am impressed with their products.

6. Duraguard (Forth Medical, UK). Justin Pahl, 07775801577

7. Duraseal/ Floseal (Baxter, UK). Aaron Dallimore, 07825365929

8. Tissel (Baxter, UK). Aaron Dallimore, 07825365929

9. Patties (Chelmer Surgical Supply, UK)

10. Wooly balls (Neurotechnics, UK)

11. Ligaclips (Ethicon, UK)

12. Skin staples (Adroit International, Abuja: 08029505007) or (Emzor Hesco, Abuja representing B Braun: 08037412215)

13. Lumbar drain and lumbo peritoneal shunts (Codman as above)

14. Ventriculo-periotoneal Shunts (Codman as above) or CHHABRA shunts from India

15. CSF drainage bags (Lumbar: Integra, UK and cranial: Codman or Cardinal Health, UK)

16. Raney Clips and applicators (Emzor Hesco, Abuja, representing B Braun: 08037412215)

Please email me with details of other people who you know and what they supply so the list can be as comprehensive as possible.


  1. Dear Dr. Ogungbo,
    Thank you very much for the interest you have shown in our products(CODMAN).

    Please listed below are some of our products:
    1. Bipolar cutting & bipolar coagulation system
    2. Bipolar forceps
    3. Aneurysm clips and appliers
    4. Bio-plates& ACCESSORIES (for cranial fixation)
    5. Custom bone (cranioplasty)
    6. Craniotomy kit (manual and pneumatic high speed drills)
    7. Gigli saws
    8. Ventricular needles
    9. Antibacterial impregnated shunts (Bactiseal)
    10. Shunt introducers
    11. ICP Monitors & electronic transducers
    12. External drainage ventricular sets.
    13. Lumbar drainage catheter.
    14. External ventricular drainage catheters
    15. Cranial access kits
    16. Drug deliver infusion pumps.

    Thank you so much

    Kind regards


    Territory Manager(Lagos)


    Phillips Pharmaceuticals (Nigeria) Limited,Afprint Industrial Estate,

    Plot 122-132, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway,Iyana-Isolo, Lagos

    P. O. Box 3211, Oshodi, Lagos

    E-mail: lobuotor@yahoo.co.uk

    Office:+234 (0) 8036761764 Mobile: +234 (0)8056292425; 8023316724

  2. Dear Biodun,
    Thanks for mentioning us on your blog. I hope you're still finding the suctions are good.

    We've just finished at the AANS in Philladelphia - interestingly the US surgeons are more interested in the comfortable ergonomics for fine control, and reduced blocking with the clean lumens than in the problem they have with cleaning and sterility!
    Best regards,

    Matthew Tulley
    Single Use surgery Limited

    Further information from www.susl.co.uk

  3. Dear Mr Ogungbo,
    Thank you for your mail and the list you took the trouble to compile, Quite useful to both the vendor and Practitioner. I will also be glad to forward to members, useful information on researches, findings, and the other useful information which might help to share experinces of other Practitioners.
    I am presently in South Africa for training would contact you the next time I visit Abuja.

    Warm Regards,

    Adebisi Famakinwa
    Sales Consultant,
    3M Healthcare.
    Tel: +234 8023123913, 7028370904
    e-mail: afamakinwa@mmm.com

    Healthcare solutions for our changing world

  4. Thanks for the information
    I believe (as discussed with Biodun on one of our meetings) that these companies and their reps should make their contacts easily accessible or arrange to meet with the Neurosurgeons at their Centres of primary practice. Materials as you know are purchased by the hospitals or directly by patients based on the need, except for private practise. I need to get glues and thrombin at the moment. The bioplates will help with reconstruction. I have used up my mini-screws from Lorenz and need more
    I look forward to better communication with the companies and their Vendors.

    Okezie Kanu (LUTH)

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the very useful information. I will pass it on to others around here.
    I hope you are informed about the NSNS forthcoming conference at Zaria May 26-29th, 2010.
    Best wishes,
    Sam Ohaegbulam


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